1. Radio Control
  2. Shallow Grave
  3. Suffer Kate
  4. Skeletons
  5. 5000 Friends
  6. The Game
  7. Smile
  8. Everybody Else
  9. Beat The Bankers
  10. Greek Riot Squad
  11. Fox News
  12. Ravensthorpe


October / November National Tour

October 23, 2013

Australia’s favorite Indie terrorists are hitting the road for the third time this year taking in shows in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne as their debut album “Songs from the Debt Generation” continues to rack up the radio airplay and stellar reviews across the country.

Perth – Gilkison Dance Studio – Saturday October 26th
Sydney – Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice – Sunday October 27th
Melbourne – The Empress Hotel – Thursday October 31st
Melbourne – The Retreat Hotel – Saturday November 2nd
Sydney – The Red Rattler Theatre – Saturday November 23rd

Following the tour, the band will be returning to the studio to record the follow-up with the first single due for release early 2014.

The Spitfires manufacture statue of Margaret Thatcher

In addition to writing a new record, The band have recently manufactured a statue of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as they attempt to maintain their mantle as Australia’s most irreverent (and some may say culturally irrelevant) Independent band of their generation. The statue will be officially unveiled at the final show of the tour, will feature a metallic finish and removable head for easy transport.









What’s in a name?

September 18, 2013

The band have always had issues with the name “The Spitfires”…

Not that we don’t like our name, it sounds kind of cool and it’s easy for people to remember. The problem with the name is that it’s very popular and several other bands around the world have used, or are currently using The Spitfires for their band name. it wasn’t really a massive problem when we started, we all played so far apart it was highly unlikely that anyone would wander into a respective bands venue. However, since we started playing outside of Australia it’s become a slightly bigger issue.

Firstly, anyone googling “the spitfires band” outside of Australia find the Canadian band called The Spitfires’ Myspace page at the top of the search. Not such a big problem as one quick listen will leave people in no doubt that it’s not a garage rock band from Western Australia. Something else that happened recently was the English Spitfires (I believe from Watford) actually played a venue in England that we’d been in a few months before. I expect any patrons who saw us the first time round who returned to catch us again would have been slightly surprised to see we’d ditched the set and completely substituted the line up. Interestingly enough though they actually had a pretty similar sound which leads me to believe that all bands called “The Spitfires” are doomed to be garage rockers for all eternity!

Then there’s the Belgian Spitfires… lets not go there!